These are just some of the lovely things people have said after hearing me talk about the reason and rhyme of my journey from the brink, through blindness, back to a richly rewarding life.

“…I am grateful that you were able to speak to the students and help them gain an understanding of how public spaces are navigated by people with low or no vision. Your confidence in speaking to such a large group was clear and the students were able to engage with your message easily, no easy task when speaking to a group of 50 twelve-year-olds!”
Loreto College
“I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for having the courage to speak yesterday. I feel very fortunate to have heard your inspirational story. Thank you.”
Adjunct Associate Professor
“Thank you for sharing your journey today. You are truly an amazing person and I admire your courage, strength and resilience. I enjoyed your presentation and I took away a lot of messages which I know will benefit my own mental and physical health. Thank you for expressing your vulnerability and sharing with everyone.”
Intelligence Specialist
“Great panel… what an inspiration Karen on your incredible journey.”
Law Enforcement Professional

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