A gift for you on Mothers’ Day

A gift for you on Mothers’ Day

Today, I dedicate this post to my Mum, because, without her, I would not have had the courage to overcome the adversity I have encountered in my life.

When I was growing up, my mum was not afraid to show her vulnerability to her children, nor was she slow to show her affection for my siblings and me or to voice her pride in us.

When I think back to my childhood and adolescence, I can remember many instances of my mum bragging about my latest achievement to whoever would listen.  I rarely heard her criticise me to anyone else and, even when she chastised me, it was with a weird backhanded compliment along the lines that, “for someone so smart, sometimes you do the stupidest things.” 

She hit that sweet spot we should all aim for as parents, where you don’t push your kids unreasonably, but you have both high expectations of them and great confidence that they are, and will grow up to be, fabulous people.

When I was about 14 years old, I wrote a poem to give my Mum for her birthday.  I can’t remember whether I did the calligraphy myself, or had a friend do it on my behalf, but I framed it and gave it to her with tentative pride.  She still has it hung on the wall by her bed, and I thought I would share it here, because it is still true, only in much richer terms than I could have anticipated when I wrote it.

Here it is.  

I looked around to find a gift, perfect in every way,

But it’s so hard to find one that says what I want to say.

It had to say I love you,

It had to say I care,

It had to say you’re special, 

And beautiful,

And rare.

A gift that says all these things isn’t easy to come by.

A gift with such distinction is in no store, low or high.

But when I saw this paper and pen, I knew what your gift should be.

So precious it could not be bought:

This poem to you, from me.

If you are fortunate enough to know my mum, please leave a message to her in the comments below.  If you don’t know her but have been inspired to do something especially nice for your own mum this Mothers’ Day, please tell me about it in a comment.

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  1. Ruby Peddell

    What a beautiful surprise when I went to read Karen’s blog this morning. Such a tribute makes all the efforts that go into mothering so precious. The poem she wrote has been read to many. It is only one of the treasures I hold dear that my children have given me over the years. I said to my husband this morning “I hope I have been a good mother” because this is the most important job I will ever have. Love you Karen

  2. Sara McCarthy

    Happy Mother’s Day to a lovely lady with such strength and kindness xxx

  3. Jaimee Thompson

    Happy Mother’s Day Ruby, my second Mum. I had the honour of spending so much of my childhood with you, and know how lucky your children are to have such an amazing mum. Happy Mother’s Day to you, and to Karen. Hope you both had a lovely day. Love to you all xxx

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